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2016 Hawaii Island Early Childhood Conference

"Building Blocks to STEM: Hawai'i Island Style"

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List of Workshops
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More Than Play in Preschool with LEGO Education
Come put your hands and minds to work in multiple ways to get children learning creatively across the curriculum. You will complete several LEGO Education activities and review them to determine skills used in this center-based workshop. Preschool/Kindergarten (presenting twice)
Presented by Kelly Reddin, Lori Carlson
"All they do is play." YES!!!
Explore ways that Math, Science, Engineering and even Technology are inherent in typical early childhood activities and everyday routines. See how early childhood practices tie to standards so educators and caregivers can advocate effectively for developmentally appropriate programs. Preschool/Kindergarten
Presented by Susan Entz  
Why? How? When? What?  So Many Questions………       So Little Time
The lives of young children are dominated by questions - their questions. To make learning real and relevant we must help children answer those questions. We will talk about listening for and responding to children's questions as a teaching strategy. Preschool/Kindergarten
Presented by Lynn Gehrke
Connecting Young Learners to the Languages of STEM
What is the difference between splashing around in the water table and doing STEM activities with your  kids (young students)? The use of discipline-specific academic language. Most ECE activities can be "rebranded" as STEM. Come find out how! Preschool/Kindergarten/Early Elementary
Presented by Lisa S. Goldstein
Kumu Web tools and Creativity Playground
We will explore some free web tools available, as well as new and engaging technologies specifically designed for early childhood learning. Preschool/Kindergarten/Early Elementary
Presented by Wendy Oliver
The Difference Between Exploring, Experimenting and Demonstrating
Participants will be offered 3 easily replicated hands on projects. One will be an experiment, one a demonstration, and one that encourages individual exploration. Preschool/Kindergarten/Early Elementary
Presented by Katherine DuBose, Lance Oliver
The Big Ideas Within STEM
Participants will engage in a hands-on activity that sets the stage for a deeper discussion about the processes and dispositions involved when children and adults are involved in STEM experiences. Preschool/Kindergarten/Early Elementary
Presented by Phyllis Nakama Kawamoto, Robyn Chun, Jane Dickson Iijima
Cultural and Natural Resources at the U.S. Army's Pohakuloa Training Area
Staff from the Army's Pohakuloa Cultural and Natural Resources Offices will describe how cutting-edge technology and scientific principles are integrated into land management decisions. Staff will cover Pohakuloa's cultural resources and endangered species management programs. Preschool/Kindergarten/Early Elementary
Presented by Lena Schnell
E ho'oulu nā ōpio me ka mana'o i'o / Generating Student Development through Experiential Learning
This presentation will provide early childhood educators with examples of hands on marine science lessons that can be taught in their classrooms to help children build lifelong relationships with the ocean. Preschool/Kindergarten/Early Elementary
Presented by Nakoa Goo, Deborah Smith
More Hopeful Futures
Representatives from the Denta Quest Foundation, the DOE, and Future Smiles, Inc. will present the integration of oral health into school based health initiatives such as the "More Hopeful Futures" initiative, "Campaign for Grade Level Reading" and "Hawaii Keiki: Healthy and Ready to Learn program.  Preschool/Kindergarten/Early Elementary
Presented by Brian Souza, Malia Espinda
Sundials and the Old Hawaiian Understanding of Lā
This workshop introduces some of the Old Hawaiian ideas about the Sun and will proceed through simple construction of sundials using origami skills. Preschool/Kindergarten/Early Elementary
Presented by Paul Coleman
Peanut Butter and Jelly Transect   (Warning for PB allergy)
Through both observation and a collection of data, we will explore the "Peanut Butter and Jelly Transect" experiment, and discuss the role of sampling methods in helping young scientists understand a method of inquiry research. Kindergarten/Early Elementary
Presented by Melora Purell
Hands-On Physical Science for K-3 with LEGO Education
Learn about gears and wheels and axles at this hands-on workshop. Practice the scientific method while enjoying some fun competition while using Early Simple Machines and Simple Machines. Kindergarten/Early Elementary (presenting twice)
Presented by Kelly Reddin
Way of the Wayfinder
Understanding patterns and how to measure them are essential skills all navigators must have. Gather around the Hawaiian Star Compass and under the stars in our 'Imiloa portable planetarium to learn how Polynesian navigators form patterns in their environment and what tools they use to navigate the open ocean.  Kindergarten/Early Elementary (presenting twice)
Presented by Celeste Manuia Ha'o, Jaysen Manuia